Joint Research Center Zeeland

The Joint Research Centre Zeeland is a joint research institute for students, researchers, companies and the government and will be built located next to the current HZ location Het Groene Woud in Middelburg. The construction of this new institute will start in 2020.

Working together on innovation

The Joint Research Centre (JRCZ) works on topics that are relevant to a delta area such as Zeeland. Students from HZ, Scalda and UCR will soon work closely together in the inspiring and innovative working environment with modern research laboratories and practical spaces. The knowledge gained can be applied in many companies. In this way the JRCZ is the linking pin between the knowledge institutions, research facilities and the business community in the region. Other research institutes - such as the “Koninklijk Nederlands Instituut voor Onderzoek der Zee” (Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research) and Wageningen Marine Research - and companies can also make use of the research facilities.

What is the role of Campus Zeeland?

The JRCZ is part of Campus Zeeland. Campus Zeeland is a collaboration of companies, knowledge/research institutes and government bodies in Zeeland. They have joined forces to ensure a strong link between education and business. This initiative aims at increasing Zeeland’s innovative power and ensure a future-proof economy in which young, well-educated beta students will be strengthening the business world. Campus Zeeland focuses on three main themes: Education & Research, Knowledge & Innovation Networks and the Beta Campus. With the latter, a boost is given to the necessary strengthening of technical higher and scientific research and education in Zeeland.

What will the JRCZ look like?

The institute will have four floors and the building will be subdivided into four clusters: Engineering, Chemistry, Ecology and Data Science. The roof offers space for research, including water basins for the Ecology cluster. Here lectures can also be given, or you can relax there and enjoy the view. The building is strongly connected to HZ for optimum cooperation and dual use.

When will the JRCZ be ready?

At the beginning of 2020, the demolition of the buildings next to the current building is planned. In mid-2020, the design of the building will be finalised, and the construction can start. We hope to be able to use the institute in the spring of 2022.

Research themes: